Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Size It Up" - Lucky Mag, August 2009

This is my new challenge to myself - take an outfit from a skinny fashion mag and "Size It Up" to plus size.

Here's today's inspiration: a beautiful, polished look with bohemian details to soften it up.

Here's my take: A peasant blouse from (wear it unbuttoned for a more flattering V neckline) with a pencil skirt in a hot coral (color not shown in picture) from Jessica London. Unless you're model-tall, you'd probably have to hem the skirt to the appropriate length for you.

Not all plus sizers wear wide shoes, but for those who do, here's my pick for the "Size It Up" shoe: a chocolate brown slingback sandal (instead of an ankle strap - to keep the leg line long) from

Obviously, the earrings, necklace, and clutch from the inspiration photo (Page 126, August '09 Lucky) are already perfectly sized. And the clutch is only 25 bucks! :)

P.S. The Jessica London skirt doesn't do the inspiration one justice, admittedly, but pencil skirts were in short supply at the plus size stores I shopped for this look. This is a shame because I think they're great for plus sizers who are smooth through the hip (no saddlebags or as I call them "ledges and bumpouts") or are smaller on bottom than top like apple shapes (so this look does NOT work for my bumpy pear body type...woe is me!)