Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucky, April '09

A most excellent issue!! I tore out a hundred things for my scrapbook, and here are a few of the best:

I'm in love with the sweetly feminine but modern outfits featured throughout. Obviously, the editors were in a Springtime frame of mind, starting with this sweet cotton floral top embellished with rosettes on p72:

Part of a multi-page spread, page 174 is a veritable treasure trove of put-together looks. Suitable for any body shape - just add a bag and some jewelry and run out the door feeling fresh and lovely!

I'm digging the sort of bathrobe sexiness of a coat or shirtdress over another dress. (P171 and 175.)
Makes me want to go to a garden party!

Only one accessory I want to show you this month (besides shoes of course.)

I found this ring so unique and intriguing, I plan to use it as an inspiration for a bracelet. I can imagine it having the feeling of a vintage wrist corsage.

I picked out 3 pairs of shoes to feature this month. (What, me? Shoes?)

If you're a person who has traditionally found high heels too uncomfortable (or too scary), I highly recommend a wedge heel. They are SO sturdy and SO comfortable you won't even know you're wearing heels, and they have all the benefits of less-comfortable heels, like giving you a little extra height and a longer leg line.

These on page 88 are amazing and (depending on your skin tone) will make your gams look a mile long! I'm logging on to right after I get done here...
The outfit is nice too, but as a pear, I don't do pencil skirts. Great for an apple though!

This next pair is adorable, but ugh - the price tag! (p72, $240) When I saw them, I thought, why not get a cute pair of flats at Payless and add a coordinating butterfly embellishment?

Savings = About $200. Send me a picture if you do it! You can keep your $200. :)
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This last pair is pure fantasy. Ridiculous really, as they're probably WAY too tall for your average girl. They're definitely too tall for me and I wear heels every day. (p72)

But how deliciously, dreamily ridiculous.

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