Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silk, Satin, and Everything Sweet

Special occasion dressing becomes more important to me the further I progress in my career. I'm no New York socialite attending uppercrust soirée's but I have the occasion to fancy up now and again. The December People StyleWatch (PSW) had a number of sophisticated and lovely items that would KILL on a girl with some curves.

This Bebe top in creamy satin chiffon is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. (P 87) On a girl with a big bottom and a small top, (like me) it could be worn over a dark skirt or palazzo pants adding balance to the body and perfectly accentuate milky soft shoulders and a winning smile. Ok, so I'm a princess in my dreams.

This next one (same page) from Express is a little more practical but no less beautiful. The neckline is just the thing to add some bling, but the comfortable shape is basically a glorified t-shirt! The cap sleeve is beautiful for those of us who like a little arm coverage and the slight ruffle at the bottom lets it flow away from a larger tummy. Love this. Make it in my size!

I had some difficulty this year with shoes. I am something of a shoe-aholic, but this holiday season I was called on to host a red-carpet event, give a stage performance, and MC a holiday banquet...all of which called for special, elegant shoes which would also allow me to stand/walk/survive on my feet for up to 4 hours.

I ended up ordering four pair from - trying them all one - and returning 3 of the four after choosing this satin pair with its sparkly jeweled button in a not-too-high heel.

Page 36 of PSW had this amazing suede and rhinestone pair --> they're more elegant that mine but maybe not as wearable. I haven't gone to to see if they come in my size, but at under $120, they're not ridiculous to consider if they could be worn year after year with cocktail dresses. I just don't know about the skinny heel for stompin' around.

There are so many delicious thing on page 26, I ripped it out and rolled in it like a beagle rolling in raccoon poop. (They do that. Or at least mine does!) Of the 9 items featured on this page, 6 of them would work beautifully on a plus-size diva. Ok, so four of them are accessories, which work on women of any size, but I'm of the opinion that women of size should wear accessories with oomph, and these have plenty of it.
Sport any of these sparkling black beauties -->
and expect attention. (Don't wear them all together, that's not the kind of attention you want!) And not a single one over $70. One of the reasons I like PSW!

This silk Armani Exchange blouse is gorgeous and could be flattering on a number of skin tones. I'm not sure the palest blondes could pull it off, but the shape could be great for a pear.

This velvet stunner from Target (yep, Target - so in my price range but still not in my size) would be great for an apple, a pear or any fruity girl in between! It's automatically waist defining with the one-button rise and the slash satin pockets. Can you see this over a crystal studded silver cami and a floor-length skirt? Two words. Lush-Us. :)
All in all, this was one of my favorite issues of People StyleWatch!

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