Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lucky Magazine, January '09

This month's Lucky had several things I pulled for my scrapbook.

<--This outfit from page 43 would be very flattering for someone with my Pear bodyshape or an Hourglass girl. (Probably not so much for our Apple sisters.) I love how the deep V neck highlights the face (or would if I hadn't cropped it off so you could imagine YOUR face there,) love how the belted cardigan accentuates the waist and plays up the top half of the body, and love how the darker skirt and hose match to minimize a heavier lower half. The light peeptoe shoe just adds that fashiony pop, if you know what I mean. Plus, the d'orsay style (cut low on the sides) makes the leg look longer. I'll be wearing a version of this on Monday!

This next dress (page 58) -->
might work for any body style as long as the fit is right. What I like about it is how the stripes dictate the direction your eye travels, accentuating the torso and verticalizing the lower body. (If verticalizing isn't a real word, I claim poetic license!) The key would be to make sure the pleats hung right with no pulling or it would totally ruin the effect. If what they say in this issue is true, and stripes are going to be a big thing in '09, this is a great way to do them!

A couple of bags caught my eye.
<-- This one (p50) has a tattoo-ish motif, and is cute and punky. The only thing I don't like about it is the short straps. Maybe it has a longer strap hidden. I believe it's important to match the bag to the frame of the person wearing it, which is why most larger women should carry nice, large, substantial bags. Just my opinion but I think I'm right. Plus it lets me carry a pair of flats or tennies around for when my oh-so-fashionable heels are killing me!

Another bag I drooled over is this one from page 51 -->

It is larger than any bag I now own. I love the shape, the hardware, the lux look of the leather, the earth tones.

Last but not least, SHOES.

I once organized a 12-step group for Shoe Junkies, but our meetings always dissolved into shopping trips. At our last meeting, we ended up in the Nordstrom Rack fighting over a pair of gold moc-crock stillettos. So now I suffer my addiction alone.

Two pairs from the January Lucky are new must-haves. They're both much more practical than many of the shoes I own, and they're still adorably, wonderfully, wearably cute. Did I mention I'm gaga for shoes? Doesn't show a bit, does it?

Page 77, Cuban heels. The deep V is going to make your foot look sexy and your legs long. The sturdy heel is going to imbue your stride with confidence!

Finally, page 80 has the absolute THING for my trip to Kona this February!

They'll be charming with sunny dresses, and they look super-comfortable! -->


  1. I am all OVER both of those. I can already see them working with my wardrobe and me strutting this summer. Who are they by?

  2. Hi Deena, the Cuban Heels are from and the swedish sandals are from Tell me if you get them!!