Monday, December 22, 2008

Your Personal Style Profile

What's your style? Do you know? Can it be described in a few sentences, or even a few words?

Mine used to be "Whatever I can find that fits." That's a lousy way to define one's style. When I was younger, I would probably have gone "Skater chick" (even though I didn't skate) because those clothes had a tough, cute appeal. I couldn't usually find them in my size unless they were boys though.

My style now is more classic. I like clean lines, somewhat traditional shapes, and I tend toward neutrals with a pop of color or pattern. I figured this out by doing what I've been doing for years...clipping and ripping from magazines. I read a couple of fashion mags (my faves right now are Lucky and People StyleWatch. Elle's ok too. InStyle is nice as well) and I tear anything out that grabs my fancy. I "scrapbook" the things I tear out - not in the embellished, stylistic scrapbooking style that's popular with the crafty set, but just pasting or taping them into a notebook.

I separate my scrapbook pages into sections for shoes, dresses, accessories, etc. I recommend this for anyone who is for looking to develop or hone their personal style. When you've got a few months worth of accumulation, you'll start to see trends in the things you gravitate toward.

Example: I'm picky about bags. I have the darndest time finding just the right one. But if I take a stroll through my scrapbooks in the "Purses I Crave" section, I find I LOVE two toned bags. I know that large bags suit my large frames best. And almost every picture I've clipped is a tailored, clean shape.
Voila, my Purse-onality! Next time I go shopping, I'll be looking for a two-toned, very structured, large-size bag.

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