Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love picking and customizing avatars on sites like Yahoo and Zwinky (see my Zwinkette in a separate post) and on video games when choosing a player, but there are never any plump ones! I'd like to see a thick, voluptuous, curvy body type for an avatar somewhere! I saw a post on bigfatblog.com that said Yahoo had added some plus clothing for their avatars, but they don't look too plus to me.

I've wanted to design a fashion software for a long time that would let you try different clothing styles with your OWN body type. I loved paperdolls as a girl, and this just seems like an extension of that. I've seen similar things in ToysRUs for kids, but I'm quite sure the body-types would never represent us real-girl types. :)

Have you seen the hairstyle picker website? (http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style/makeover/) They let you take a picture of your face and superimpose hairstyles on it. My software would do that, but for the full body. Anyone want to collaborate on it? I'll provide the fashion and you bring the programming skills!

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  1. Lane Bryant used to have this same thing on their website( may still, but I haven't used it since '05.) You enter your measurement and then can virtually try on their clothes. Though I don't know how accurate it was because everything looked good on the virtual me. :)